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2022 Pinto Rules

Please remember that this is a recreational baseball league for all children, regardless of skill or ability. Try to make it as much fun as possible.

- Again, this season we will have the Washington Rebels travel league. Please also note that the travel teams are not tied in with All-Stars. Just because a player is on the travel team does not mean he is automatically on the All-Star team and vice versa.
- The PINTO Rebels team will be playing on Wednesdays and Sunday this year.

1. At the end of the season, in the event of a two teams finishing with the same record, the tiebreaking process will be:
1. Head-to-head;
2. Run differential in games vs. opponent;
3. Runs permitted during regular season;
4. Coin flip

2. Teams will bat their entire lineup. Substitutes must play at least two consecutive innings (12 consecutive outs) in the field. This includes Playoffs and Championship games as well.

3. Teams must have at least nine players to start a game.

4. In the event a team with nine players has an injury, it can continue play with eight players, but must take outs in the empty batting spots.

5. If there is an initial play to be made at the plate (ie. base hit to outfield, throw to the plate with a chance to tag a runner out; or infield groundball with runner on third breaking for home), the initial catch and attempt to tag out must be made by the catcher. Another player (first base man or pitcher), may back up the catcher, but only from a position behind the batter's box. Remember, we are teaching GOOD baseball, not habits that will need to be untaught later. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a disciplinary process detailed as follows: First offense: Regardless of result of play, runner will be called safe. Second offense: Regardless of result of play, runner will be called safe AND Manager will be suspended for one game. Third offense: Regardless of result of play, runner will be called safe AND Manager will be suspended for one game. A disciplinary hearing, with the league president and partial membership of the Executive council, will take place that may result in the removal of the offending manager from his position.

6. To stop play, the defensive team must stop the lead runner’s forward progress. At that point, the umpire shall stop play. Trail runner(s) will be sent back to the base they were advancing from if they are deemed to have been less than halfway to the next base. Once the play has ceased, the infielder in possession of the ball will get it back to the kid or adult pitcher. If the ball is overthrown or missed, runners may not advance. If an infielder makes a play on the trail runner, runners advance at their own risk.

7. In the event of an overthrow, the base runner(s) shall be permitted to advance one (1) base only unless the defending team attempts to make a further play. IE: If there is an overthrow at first base, the runner shall be permitted only to advance to second base unless the defensive team attempts to throw him out at second base and fails to record the out and/or overthrows second base. Then, he shall be permitted to advance one more base with the same rules in effect. Any other base runners shall also only be permitted to advance one base. In effect, on a ball put in play in the infield with a runner on first, you cannot score the runner on first on an overthrow. The lead runner would get third base and the trail runner would be given second base.

8. All batters shall get six pitches to hit. Once we reach the second half of our season, all batters will get six pitches or three swinging strikes.

9. A batter who fouls off the third strike or sixth pitch shall continue to bat until they either swing and misses, does not swing, or puts the ball into play.

10. Players must slide to avoid contact with defenders. It’s not been a problem in Pinto, but malicious contact with a defender will not be accepted. If the umpire rules that the offending player made contact with malicious intent, that player shall be out and subject to ejection. Let’s be safe.

11. If you have a question regarding an interpretation of the rules, ask for time and approach the umpire in a gentlemanly fashion. Only managers can call time – unless the manager is not present at the game. In the case of a manager not being present, one of the assistant coaches will be determined to be acting manager for that game. He will be the only coach permitted to call time or approach the umpire.

12. Towards the conclusion of the regular season, all coaches will be given All-Star forms to distribute to ALL of their players. Players wishing to be considered for All-Star play must turn those forms in before the championship game.

13. No T-ball, coach pitch bats, and No 2 ¾’ barrel bats allowed. 2 ¼’ and 2 5/8’ barrel bats are permitted. WYB adopted the new PONY INC bat rule starting in the 2022 season. This means the new USA (BBCOR.50) and old USAAA (1.15 BPF) bats are still permitted this year. If a team is caught using an Illegal bat they will receive a 10-0 score loss for that game. If there is a question regarding the legality of a bat, please bring it to my attention.

14. Defensive teams must have five players in the infield dirt when the play begins, not including the catcher. The pitcher must be within 5 feet of the pitching rubber, and within 3 feet to the left or right of the coach. The pitcher will not be allowed to play rover in the infield. Other infielders can be positioned anywhere in the infield. Out fielders must be at least 15 feet from the edge of the infield dirt. Catchers must be in full gear. Pitchers must wear a heart guard.

15. The coach-pitcher cannot direct players when the ball is in play. They are permitted to talk to the batter ONLY when they are in the batter’s box. Coaches will get one warning. On second offense, the coach-pitcher will be removed from the pitcher position. If he wants to tell runners where to go, coach a base.

16. All other PONY or WYB rules and regulations are in effect, even if not noted. This is NOT a win at all cost league!!!

“At a young age winning is not the most important thing… the important thing is to develop creative and skilled players with good confidence.” – Arsene Wenger

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