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Washington Youth Baseball’s Pinto League is for 7 and 8-year-old players. Please view the "Age Guidelines" to view eligibility. Pinto League is designed to allow players to take the next step from Shetland, with coaches pitching, but score being kept. While we do hold tryouts for Pinto, that is only an effort to allow all managers and potential managers an opportunity to see all of the kids. All players who register are placed on a team.

We follow the rules that govern Pinto play, per PONY, Inc.

The Pinto season runs from late April through late June. Practices and games are held at the WYB Pinto complex in Washington Park with most weeks consisting of two games. WYB provides baseballs, hats and game jerseys for players. Players are responsible for bats (though they may be shared), gloves, shoes and baseball pants. Bats must be USA baseball stamped on the barrel (USSSA bats are NOT allowed).

While we accept players from any league, those who wish to be eligible for postseason All-Star play must reside within the Trinity and Washington school districts.

All players bat during the regular season games, while 10 players are used in the field. All players must also play the field at least two (2) consecutive innings. In postseason play, only the 10 players in the field bat, though all players must play the field at least two (2) consecutive innings. Games consist of six innings with a five-run limit per inning until the final inning. In the sixth inning, teams must register three outs. We do, however, use a mercy rule – 10 runs for a team leading after four innings.

Each player gets six pitches per at bat, if needed. If, by the sixth pitch, the player does not put the ball in play, an out is recorded. We do not permit walks at the Pinto level. This rule changes in the second half of the regular season, to six pitches or three (swinging) strikes. A player who fouls the ball off on the sixth pitch can continue until the player hits the ball into play or fouls the ball off. There are unlimited foul balls on the ‘last” pitch.

When a ball is put in play, the play is not considered completed until the lead runner is halted by the defensive team. At that point, the player can raise their hands in the air and call for timeout to halt the play. However, timeout is granted at the discretion of the umpire.

Since the players are young and still learning the game at this level, baserunners are only permitted to advance one base on an overthrow – at their own risk. This allows for the defensive team to attempt to make more plays, while also permitting the offensive team to get more batters to the plate.

All other rules are per PONY Baseball, Inc., or Major League Baseball.

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