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Coaching Better Baseball

In this course you'll learn HOW TO COACH all major baseball skills - Hitting, Pitching, Infield, Outfield, etc. Coaching 101 best practices are covered, as well as tangible, practical tips for running better practices. All classes are available online (upon program start date) in a special members-only area, and is organized on the How-to-Coach Plan for a particular skill.

The purpose of this course is to help you coach better baseball. To assist you in maximizing your fulfillment on the field, as measured by your impact on, and the development of, your players. We will look deeply into the skills, the practices, and, perhaps most importantly, the attitude and actions of amazing coaching. Remember, true fulfillment in coaching is found in the relationships with athletes and their families. Communication, psychology, management, delegation, discipline… these are the attributes of a truly special leader.

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Washington Youth Baseball is once again supporting Dugout Captain as our official Coaching Practice & Drill training solution. Joining Dugout Captain is FREE and available to every Washington Youth Baseball coach. Watch online practice and skill videos to build practice plans and implement training drills for every baseball level. The online videos and built in practice plans will complement any coach at any level. 

A few of the many features:

Drill Library
Complete access to Dugout Captain's proprietary instructional library. Created from real-life experience working with the most challenging athletes, drill details include video, text, diagram, and patented DC Keys to provide tricks and tips to save time and frustration.

Practice Plan
200+ ready-made and professionally programmed team practice plans, built with the drills from the DC Library. Each plan includes notes specific to that drills use at that practice for that age level. Plans available by age and by time length - edit a plan with the DC Clipboard to best fit your crew!

Skill Training
Coach-the-Coach lessons for training pitching, hitting, infield, and the catcher position. Provide your athlete with a plan.

The DC Athlete Development Plan provides a standardized curriculum for coaches, teams, and leagues. With bullet-point development objectives organized by age level, the curriculum is a running narrative to guide and support the volunteer coach. DC Practice Plans combine to achieve these objectives, and provide the coaching roadmap to effectively and efficiently expose the athletes to all of the goals laid out by the curriculum.

Dugout Captain's proprietary Virtual Clipboard technology (patent-pending) is the unique tool that allows users to apply instructional content to the ball field. Build or borrow a practice plan onto the clipboard, then share an interactive plan to assistant coaches and team families. Share a homework drill with a struggling team member, or use DC's Skill Training Lessons to train your own athlete in hitting, pitching, infield, or the catching position.

Who is Dugout Captain?
Dugout Captain is a online baseball resource, with drill videos, skill-training lessons, and practice plans available to assist baseball parents and coaches to help kids. Dugout Captain’s virtual clipboard helps to quickly create fun, exciting, and effective workout plans. Parents can find a helpful drill, add to a training plan, and share with their athlete. Coaches can quickly and easily learn about, create, and store practice plans. Choose a ready-made Dugout Captain practice template, or build your own. And with Dugout Captain’s share-features, users can send plans to player families and assistant coaches to provide guidance for the day’s activities. There is something for every baseball parent!

We believe that baseball is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. The sport of baseball has been losing athletes at an alarming rate for since the early 2000’s. Games aren’t the problem. Most all athletes love wearing the uniform, competing on the field, and hurrying to the snack bar afterwards. It’s practice where we lose kids, and so the  DC philosophy is to assist coaches to make practice more fun. If the the volunteer coach, dedicating his or her time, sweat, and money, is fulfilled… those kids are going to thrive!

We at Dugout Captain are passionate coaches who have swapped our ball caps for keyboards to make your baseball lives easier. We are committed to serving the baseball community by creating a company built upon ethics, integrity, and honesty. We welcome you to the DC team and invite you to start creating great practice plans today!

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