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Bronco Rules

2022 Washington Youth Baseball Bronco Rules

Pre-Game Rules

1.     The home team is responsible for preparing the field for a game. Both home and visiting teams will have fields cleared of water, dragged and lined before each game. Use sponges to clean up water, do not use brooms. Please help each other.

2.     Visiting Team is responsible for the scoreboard. Please help each other.

3.     Home team will be in the 1st base dugout and Visiting team in the 3rd base dugout.

4.     Batting Cages are CLOSED to teams that are playing. Penalty: 1st Offense: Warning. 2nd Offense: 1 Game Suspension

5.     Only 5 adults are allowed in the dugout: Manager, 3 Coaches, and a Scorekeeper. Penalty: 1st Offense: Warning. 2nd Offense: 1 Game Suspension

6.     Catchers must use a catcher’s mitt, cup, appropriate catcher’s gear, and a hockey-style catcher’s mask. Two-piece catcher masks are NOT allowed.

7.     Bats are to be USA Stamped or BBCOR. USSSA bats are ILLEGAL. Penalty, the batter is declared out and manager is removed from the game.

8.     Metal-cleated shoes are not permitted.

9.     Each team will supply their own game balls to be used by their pitchers.

10. Field Mix and Chalk will only be used for games, not practices.

11.  Managers and coaches will dress in a proper coaching uniform, Ball caps on straight not backwards, shoes tied. In other words, if you come on to the field looking like a slob, you will not be allowed on the field. Please set an example for your players if they have to be in uniform so do you.

12.  Anyone over the age of 18 must be wearing a lanyard to be on the field at all times, this includes practice.

13.  Any base coach under the age of 18 must wear a batting helmet, you must be at least 16 years old to coach.

14.  Home team is responsible for paying umpires before each game. Games will not start until umpires are paid.

15.  Please remind parents that parking at a ball field they are parking at there own risk, W.Y.B. is not responsible for any damage

16.  Every team will be scheduled a work day. It can be done on Saturday or Sunday morning, or through a specific request. If your team is scheduled a work day and does not show, the manager will be suspended for the next (2) games. If you or your coaches are unable to attend a work day, contact the league president for prior approval. You need at least one representative to attend.

17.  Games begin at 6:00PM on Weekdays and 10:00AM on weekends.

18.  Pre-Game warm-up: Home Team: 4:50PM-5:20PM & Away Team 5:20PM-5:50PM.

19.  All players will play a minimum of 2 complete innings or 12 consecutive outs. Violation, Manager will be ejected from the game and suspended the next game.


Game-Time Rules

1.     All teams will bat their entire roster. If an injured player is unable to bat for any reason, that spot will be skipped over, it will not be an out, but the player may not return in the game. The player may return to the game if an out is taken. If a player is ejected and their spot comes up in the batting order, their spot will be an out.

2.     All teams must have 9 eligible players to start the game, ANYTHING LESS WILL BE A FORFEIT, but you may still play the game. The final score will be 7-0. 

3.     If a team only has 9 players and the game is in progress and an injury, illness or ejection occurs, the game will be played with (8) players, but in the spot that is vacant by the vacated player it will be an automatic out.

4.     Regulation games shall be seven (7) innings in duration.

5.     Bronco league games shall not exceed Ten (10) innings. When the score is tied at the end of the maximum number of innings, the game shall be declared a tie.

6.     There is a 10 run rule after 4 ½ if the home team is winning and 5 complete if the visiting team is winning.

7.     There is a 15 run rule after 2 ½ if the home team is winning and 3 complete if the visiting team is winning.

8.     Pitching rules: 3 innings maximum per game. 10 innings max from Sunday through Saturday.

It is the responsibility of each Rebels manager to notify the team manager of each player that pitched and the number of innings pitched.   


It is the responsibility of each manager to track the number of pitches thrown to ensure safety and arm health. Please reference the MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines here:


Daily Max (Pitches in Game)

0 Days Rest

1 Day Rest

2 Days Rest

3 Days Rest

4 Days Rest









9.     The balk rule will be in effect after the 1st two weeks of the season. Two warnings per pitcher then balks will be called. After the 2 weeks are up balks will be called with No Warnings.

10.  Infield Fly Rule is in effect.

11.  Manager is only allowed 2 trips to the mound, 2nd trip the manager must pull the pitcher, but they may play any other position.

12.  In the event of rain or darkness the game will be complete only if you have played 4 ½ innings if the home team is winning or 5 complete innings if the visiting team winning. If you are in the middle of the 6th or 7th inning and the game is called for darkness, the game will revert back to the last complete inning to determine the winner.

13.  There is a must slide rule at 2nd base, 3rd base, and at Home Plate only if there is a play being made at the bases. Penalty is the runner will be called out. When malicious contact occurs the runner will be called out and ejected from the game when, in the opinion of the umpire, the runner deliberately runs into a player making a play on him. Malicious contact by a base runner, runner will be called out and ejected plus a (1) game suspension

14.  Courtesy runner - When there are two outs in an inning and the catcher of the team at bat is on base, the manager may elect to have a runner replace the catcher on base. The substitute runner shall be the last player recorded as out in that inning.

15. Head first sliding is allowed.

16.  There will be no swinging bunts. Once you square around to bunt, you must bunt or pull the bat back. If a player attempts a bunt and then swings, the batter will be called out.

Post-Game Rules

1.     All scores will be texted to David Donley at 412-638-8148.

2.     Winning team will call in the score to the Observer Reporter at 724-222-2200

3.     Teams are responsible for cleaning out dugouts after each game and practice.

4.     All makeup games will take precedence over all practices.

5.     All rainouts will be made up on the next open date, NO EXCEPTIONS

6.     All W.Y.B. Bylaws will be enforced, to see bylaws go to

7.     All other rules will follow Pony Baseball for Bronco.

Playoff Rules
1. Teams may choose to Play 9/Bat 9 or bat your entire lineup. Batting your entire lineup allows free defensive substitutions. Players still must play 2 consecutive innings (12 outs) but do not have to bat.
2. When utilizing Play 9/Bat 9, all players must play 2 consecutive innings when first entering the game. When a player has been removed from the game, they may re-enter the game one time but remain in the same spot in the batting order.
3. Managers must alert the opposite team when substitutes enter and exit the game, whether in the field or when batting. 
3.  The Home team will be the higher seed in the Winners bracket. 
4. The Home team will be decided by a coin toss in the Losers bracket.


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