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2019 Mustang Playoff Tournament Rules
* Official Pony and Major League rules shall govern all games except as modified the special tournament rules specified below.

1. Games will consist of 6 innings. If a game is tied after 6 innings it will be completed until there is a winner.

2. A ten run rule is in effect after 3 1/2 innings if the home team is winning or 4 innings if the visitors are winning.

3. There is a 15 run rule in effect after 2 1/2 innings if the home team is Winning or 3 innings if the visitors are winning.

4. If the game is called for any reason rain, lightning, darkness, etc.) the game is considered complete only if the visitors are winning, after 4 complete innings have been played or the home team is winning after 3 ½ complete innings have been played. Anything less the game is not complete and will be pick up where it was left off.

5. Pitching: 9 innings for the first 3 games of the tournament. Pitchers then get an additional 9 innings after they have played 3 games for the remainder of the tournament. Pitchers that pitch 3 innings in the same day must have 40 hours of rest. Pitchers who pitch in more than one game on the same day may pitch any combination of innings in those games provided they do not pitch in more than 3 innings. One pitch constitutes 1 inning.

6. The manager must lift pitcher after a second visit to the mound in the same inning.

7. We will play 9 and bat 9 players. The following  restrictions apply:
- Pitchers cannot return to the mound after they've been removed.
- Catchers can only catch a maximum of 6 innings per game.
- Every player must play at least 2 complete innings or 12 consecutive outs and bat at least 1 time during the game, after the player has played his 2 consecutive innings you may freely substitute him any time with the same player as long as the batting order does not change. Penalty manager will be ejected and will serve a TWO game suspension.

8. Protest will be settled immediately. No protests will be allowed on umpire judgement calls.

9. Playing or pitching an ineligible player will result in the ejection of the manager for the tournament.

10. Managers are responsible for their fans' and coaches' behavior. Any manager or coach ejected in a game will serve a TWO game suspension for the next TWO games.

11. Each team must have (9) eligible players to start the game. If not the game will be forfeited. In the event a team drops to 8 players during the game only on an injury or sickness that spot in the batting order will be an out. A player that is ejected and the team drops to 8 players the game will be forfeited.
12. Malicious contact by any player will be called out and ejected from the game and a 1 game suspension.

13. Throwing equipment, cursing is also an automatic ejection.

14. There will only be 4 adults in the dugout, Manager, 2 coaches and score keeper, any more then that manager will be ejected.

15. Teams are not permitted to use the batting cage before there game.

16. In the event of rain both teams are to have field prepared for play.

17. Stealing of all bases is permitted, only on a pass ball, wild pitch or the catcher makes a play at any base. When a catcher throws a ball back to the pitcher you cannot steal, only on an over throw to the pitcher you are permitted to steal.

19. There will be no slash bunting, meaning when a batter squares around to bunt he must either bunt or pull the bat back and cannot swing, if the does slash bunt the batter will be called out.

20. If a pitcher hits 3 batters in an outing the manager must pull the pitcher.

21. All coaches will remain inside the dugout, not sitting on a bucket by the back stop or sitting outside the other end of dugout, umpires are instructed to enforce this rule, the manager or coach will be ejected.


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